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Learn Dutch with our online course in the comfort of your home and get ready for taking the Basic Civic Integration Exam Abroad!

Learn Dutch at home with our online course and get ready for the basic exam for civic integration abroad. We offer you the first online course with videos and interactive lessons for all those who want to come to live in the Netherlands.
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Who must take the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad?

You must take the exam if you want to live with your partner in the Netherlands. You must also do that if you are spiritual counsellor.

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Dutch Examination Abroad

What does the exam consist of ?

The Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad consists of three components:

  • Knowledge of the Dutch Society (KNS)
  • Speaking skills
  • Reading skills

You will take the exam at Dutch Embassy or a Dutch General Consulate in the country where you live or the country of your continuous residence. The exam is taken on a computer. You do not have to write during the exam.

Our online courses:
An effective alternative to
self-study packages.

Our online course prepares you in the most ideal way for the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad because it was specifically designed for learners that have to study Dutch and Dutch society while still living abroad.

  • You are not alone! Our online course is taught and supervised by top-notch Dutch teachers
  • It features both video and interactive teacher-led lessons
  • It is accessible 24/7
  • It features the basics of the Dutch language, especially reading, listening and speaking skills. You will also become acquainted with Dutch society.

Dutch self-study packages

What do we offer?

 Easy to learn from any where The convenience of an online course so you can study from the comfort of your home or on the go
 24/7 experienced support team Guidance and support by our experienced support team in different languages
 Interactive Dutch Language lessons Interactive lessons and direct contact with a competent, certified Dutch-language teacher to support you, motivate you and keep you on track
 Study Courses online 24/7 Great flexibility so you can complete your studies 24/7.

Our educational material

 Step by Step lessons study Guide short effective videos Lessons

Study guide

We explain step by step which lessons you should watch and which exercises you should do. So you do not skip anything!
 short effective videos Lessons

Video lessons

Our short effective videos will provide you with all the knowledge you need to make the exercises.
 test your dutch speaking skills

Interactive lessons

You will put your listening and speaking skills in practice with the help of a Dutch-speaking teacher .

 Get practice what you learn


A variety of online exercises will allow you to to practice what you learn.
 Online tests


Finally, you get to test how well you understand and remember the course material.
 24/7 technical support

Customer Managers

We provide guidance through our experienced support team, if possible in your own language.
More comfortable learning environment

How does it work?

Our online lessons are offered in video format through our proprietary e-learning system. In addition to the recorded lessons, you will have access to our live lessons which are conducted in our innovative virtual classrooms and are taught exclusively by our in-house, certified, native-speaking Dutch teachers.

Our experienced teachers will ensure that you maintain motivation and interest throughout the programme. They will answer your questions and provide you with customized feedback.

You will be notified comfortably ahead of time of upcoming live lessons. Should you miss a live lesson for any reason, you would still be able to view it later because we will record it and post it on our e-learning system for you.

Our Customer Managers will be glad to assist you throughout your learning journey and are easily reachable.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Six reasons why learning Dutch online with Inburgering in het buitenland is right for you

24/7 e-learning System

Convenience and flexibility

Studying online is both easy and flexible. Our system is available 24/7, so you can adapt your studies to your daily activities.

specialists in Dutch education

We are pioneers

We are the specialists of online Dutch education and exam preparation in the Netherlands.

user-friendly e-learning system


Our e-learning system is user-friendly and intuitive. It works on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Experienced e-learning tutors

Competent, experienced teachers

Our teachers have years of experience as e-learning tutors and are all certified language teachers.

Interactive lesson materials

Rich training material

The course material offers videos, interactive lessons, exercises, word lists and assessments to optimally prepare you for taking the Basic Civic Integration Examination Abroad.

Exclusive multilingual Student Support

Excellent student support

Our student support team is multilingual (Arabic, English, Turkish, Chinese, Spanish) and is easily accessible via WhatsApp, telephone and e-mail.